I would like to share some of my thoughts on movement with you here. These are just a few of my own lines of thought written down informally. These thoughts do not claim to be complete or correct, as they are not based on any scientific basis but only arise from my own experience and are the result of my personal thought processes. These processes are of course never finished and so my views, like everything in life, can change at any time.

For me there is a big difference between sports and movement. In my experience, sports are often associated with performance and competition. The focus is always on a increase in performance and in the end, a comparison with others.

I would like to say that I do not judge this in any way. I have only found for myself that this pure performance and competition idea does not give me any joy.


Of course, I also strive to improve my performance and I also enjoy doing intensive training units every now and then, where the aim is to increase performance in a targeted manner. In all of these units, however, my aim is not to be better than anyone or to excel in any particular discipline.


It is my goal to reach my physical potential and to express myself physically.


Furthermore, every discipline in sport is subject to certain rules and criteria, based on which it is made comparable and competitive. These criteria are set by any „experts“, which should then be met as perfectly as possible by the practitioners.


Any individuality is lost because you are constantly trying to fit in this box the best way you can.


But since every person is a unique individual, such a “system” can never do justice to his or her unique personality.


Everything living is in constant motion. Some things faster, others a little slower. Even everything in nature is in constant change. Movement therefore is an essential part of life. Sport is something man-made and therefore artificial.

As soon as a child is conceived and the extremities develop, it begins to move in the mothers womb. It doesn't do sports, it moves. This movement is necessary not only to develop motor skills, but to train the entire brain. Only through movement does the unborn child receive feedback from the nervous system and can thus become aware of itself and its body. This discovery process continues after birth. Children explore their own body and the whole world through their five senses. This journey of discovery would last a lifetime if we didn't stop being curious and moving at some point.

We all (at least the majority of us) were given a wonderful body with two arms and two legs at birth. With this body we can express our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas. For many people, however, this body degenerates into a pure consumption machine over time. We consume day in and day out and no longer even suspect what our body and mind would be capable of. We are creators and we can create the greatest things with our bodies. Just think of a dancer, a painter, or a musician.

Movement is art.

A way of expressing yourself and communicating with other people. It's about the joy and enthusiasm for the activity itself, not the perfectly completed form. It's about what the practitioner feels and how he manages to express this feeling. A musician can reproduce a piece perfectly, but only the feeling of the musician makes a piece of music lively and special.
It's the same in movement. It only becomes meaningful when we express our feelings and have something to say through our body, through our movement.

Here I would like to share some of my approaches about movement with you.⠀

I am not a sports scientist and the content is not based on years of studies.⠀
I just want to share my personal thoughts and experiences on the subject of movement with you. Perhaps some people will be able to take a suggestion and inspiration with them, which can then be used for their own form of movement.⠀

In the sense of Bruce Lee: "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."

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