When we enter this world, we are free. Free from any self-doubt, prejudices and values. We are able to learn everything out there.
Over time we are shaped by education and culture and we develop certain beliefs ​​and values that often lead us away from our own path.

The film takes the viewer through breathtaking nature shots into a life full of movement.
It invites you to follow your own inner voice to create your own boundless life.


Feedback from some viewers:


Boundless Life is the story of a journey. A journey out of the self-imposed limitations, back to a boundless life. The film takes the viewer through breathtaking nature shots into a life full of movement. The movie leads you back to your own inner voice and invites you to love yourself more again.

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Close your eyes, open your heart and recognize what lies ahead:

A boundless life that is just waiting to be lived by you in all its colors.


"My vision was to produce a film that shows how we where born into an open world and then, over time, our wings are clipped by fears, expectations and guidelines. I didn't want to make an instruction video or documentation, but rather a film that takes the viewer on a journey to themselves. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that the only way to convey such a message without being instructive was to tell my own story. That cost me a lot of effort in the beginning, because that would mean exposing some very personal thoughts and fears in the film. The decision to include my daughter in the film was not an easy one either. But since I took great care to respect her dignity in every sequence, I finally decided on it. 

This film is meant to inspire. It should encourage you to accept yourself more without having to do anything, simply for your own sake. Then we are really free again. Free from all the adopted mental limitations. Free from all the ideas and expectations of others. Then we no longer need to compare ourselves, judge or fight anyone. Because only when we really love ourselves can we bring love into this world. "
Stefan Rainer


When the production started in spring 2017, the plan was to finish the film the next 1-2 years. But when the year passed by, we found that quite a few of the planned pictures were still missing. However, since the film mainly takes place outdoors and there is a lot of snow in Salzburg in winter, we had to take a break in filming during the winter to continue the following summer.

In 2018 we were able to realize many of the ideas, but in autumn 2018 Stefan injured himself and so we could not finish the film this year either. But some projects have to mature like good wine. And so another winter had to pass by before the project could finally be finished in autumn 2019 after 3 years of production.

"During these 3 years, I kept doubting myself and this project. But somewhere inside of me, my inner voice kept pushing me to keep going and I also got a lot of tailwind from my surroundings. I would like to thank my girlfriend Jenny, who supported me in such times of crisis and always believed in me and my visi
on. Now I can proudly share my vision with you, which has been in my mind for such a long time."
Stefan Rainer




10. - 13. Sept. 2020
DaVinci International Filmfestival - California

Terres Festival - Southern Catalonia

11. Okt. 2020
Social World Film Festival - Italien

23. Okt. - 7. Nov. 2020
YoFi Fest - New York

6. - 22. Nov. 2020
Fort Lauderdale International Filmfestival - Los Angeles

30. April 2021
Love Wins Festival - New York

More screenings will follow


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